M.I.W Safra Challenge '05

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May 26, 2002
Date : 13 Aug 2005 - 14 Aug 2005
Time : 1100 hours - 2000 hours
Venue : Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza

Ever dreamt of taking part in 'Fear Factor'?

Now you can get a flavour of it but without the ghastly insects at the M.I.W SAFRA CHALLENGE '05! Jointly organised by M.I.W and SAFRA, this exciting competition is one of the biggest local fitness and sporting events of the year!

Held over two days at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, this adrenalin-charged outdoor event will feature four physically-gruelling challenges that aim to push participants' strength and endurance to the limits!

The Four Challenges
1) EnergyOne Challenge

Get ready to test your fitness level in this four-equipment fitness circuit comprising: Spinning Bicycle, Bench Press, Assisted Pull-up and Treadmill Run.

You have to complete each equipment within an allocated time of two minutes. The better your fitness level, the more points you will be awarded. The participant with the highest points awarded would be the winner for the challenge.

2) Cliff Hanger Challenge

Get to do your own 'Spiderman Stunt' in this challenge where you have to climb to a specific height on the rock wall and hang on to the position with only your hands.

Hanging at least 6 feet above ground with both legs off the rock wall, you will be eliminated once any of your hands are lifted off the designated rock piece. The contestant who hangs on the longest to their rock piece will win the challenge.

3) Flag Master Challenge

Pump up your adrenalin by climbing as fast as you can onto a car which is raised on an inclined platform. Flags will be stuck all over the car and you will be give one minute to grab as many flags as you can. But if you fall off the car while snagging the flags, you will be eliminated!

The contestant who collects the most flags within one minute or the fastest to collect all flags wins the challenge.

4) Hot Spot Challenge

This may seem like a simple feat but it definitely puts your endurance to the test! You'll have to stand on both feet and balance on a 7" by 7", 0.8m tall wooden platform for seven hours, without any external support or breaks.

If there is more than one contestant on the platform two hours before time's up, all will have to stand on one foot. The last one standing who adheres to the rules wins.

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