Luxurious photography studio for renowned instructors like you

Aug 17, 2013

Host your photography workshops in our luxurious studio, equipped with comfortable cushioned chairs and state-of the arts facilities.

The elegant decor with a victorian touch is designed for maximum style and comfort, an alternative from the usual. If classic paper backdrops are preferred, we offer at least 8 different colours at any given time.
Stay organised and productive with a spacious open room layout. Participants can remain seated while you present via our impressive 65" LED TV and demonstrate your various lighting set up concurrently.

Advanced studio flashes enable you to change power wirelessly without the need of assistant. The availability of ambient light and daylight balanced LED panels offers participants a wide range of opportunities to explore different lighting setups.

Creative brew is located a stone throw away from Macpherson MRT. No longer do you have to worry about participants getting lost.

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