Lumix GM1 & GX7 - My First Impressions


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Feb 5, 2010
I happen to have the good fortune of having both the Panasonic Lumix GX7 and GM1 at once, to try out, play with, albeit for one or two weeks. But time is tight and I'll just spend a few momemts giving my impressions of both cameras.

The Lumix GM1 is small, so small it is pocketable. I have no problem putting it, with the kit lens into my pants side pocket.

The GM1 comes with a tiny kit lens with the range of 12-32mm f3.5-5.6 (equivalent to 24-64mm full frame). Mind you this lens is so small it doesn't even have a focussing ring. But the range is useful and the performance, as with almost every modern kit lens, is good. The zoom ring is a bit stiff though but that can be good as there is no lens creep to worry about.

The GM1 has a fully featured mode dial; in fact, it has everything the GX7 has for a mode dial except a C3. It also has a dedicated dial for switching between Manual focus/Single Shot/Continuous Focus, but no dedicated ISO button. As you'd expect, it has no hot shoe, but comes with a pop-up flash.

Here's the GM1 alongside a Nissin Di466

GM1 alongside the GX7

I havn't really tried out the performance of the GM1 yet but knowing it has the same sensor as the GX7 I think it will be very good image quality wise.

I'd buy it as a go anywhere camera. It wouldn't weigh you down like a DSLR, but has what it takes to nail images of comparable quality!

The GX7 is a very good camera. That is almost all I have to say, you may read all about the specs and performance everywhere else on the internet. It is solidly built, has very good high ISO performance, a view finder and tiltable too, dedicated ISO button, but when I mounted by Yongnuo manual flash on it the flash wouldn't fire; and when I tried to mount my Nissin flash (for Canon) to shoot in manual mode the insersion was so tight I gave up halfway so as not to damage either the flash or camera.....I went to read the manual (something I hate doing) and didn't find anything on external flash. I think there is a CD (supplied with camera) for 'advanced shooting' something but I didn't bother.

The GX7 is an exceptional camera, it has almost everything, but in my opinion it just lacks that something special, maybe it is called soul, maybe it's the styling. Technically it is very very good, faultless even, but it doesn't give me that special feeling when I'm shooting with it. It gets the job done, no doubt.

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