low-light photography

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Nov 6, 2003
Read some stuff here http://www.wrotniak.net/photo/c5050/c5060-compar.html and found this ...

"Now, let's make a similar comparison with the lens zoomed all the way out. The difference between F/2.6 and F/4.8 (1.8 F-stops) can be translated into a factor of 3.4x, i.e. the exposure with the new lens is only 29% of that possible with the old one (at maximum aperture, that is). A scene requiring a 1/100s exposure with the '5050 (this is a safe handholding speed for this focal length) will need 1/30s with the new model.

If you don't care about low-light photography (and most of the mass market does not, see the millions of pathetic pictures taken using the built-in flash), then the additional wide-angle capacity is an asset. If you do, however, then check out other cameras; clearly, the C-5060Z does not excel here. "

** wanna noe wat "low-light photography" means. can't that be solved by an external flash?


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Jun 4, 2003
in my understanding low light photography means shooting where there is low light :D
Ok OK..
what the authour is trying to explain is if you want to shoot
a. in low light condition
b. WITHOUT using flash
You need to go for a better (faster) lens.

It is advisable NOT to use flash unless you need to for low light conditions. This is because since your 'subject' will be nearer to the camera it will receive and hence reflect more light than the other things in the frame. This make your subject look much brighter than surroundings and thedetials of background etc are washed off.
This makes your subject look like "Deer in the headlight". That is why they use faster lenses.
Of course with SLR etc, you can just use enough amount of flash, use bounce flashes, use matrix filler flash and what not.
Depends on what range of camera you are looking at.


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Jan 26, 2002
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In my opinion, it is still up to individual photography requirements.

The author may has some points correct, but then again, he seems bias over the C-5060Z.

I ain't saying that the C-5050Z is not good, it is a excellent DC. I was once a owner of it. There are a certain features where C-5060Z has over the C-5050Z. 27mm wide ED lens, shorter shutter lag are advantages over the C-5050Z. Imagine carrying 5 sets of AA size Batt, compare to 1 or 2 spare BLM-1. Do you really think normal alkaline batt can really last, if you spare 'juice' are all run out. My answer is no. (Based on my experience)

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