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Feb 14, 2005
hey y'all.
i'm currently doing a project on digital cams vs film cams, and how they might affect the art of photography. and i really need people who are into photography to help me answer a few questions!
it wont take much of your time, so please please help me! :)
could you send me your answers via email. scarletfrost@gmail.com
your help's REALLY appreciated! (:)

-What type of photographs do you take? [i.e nature]
-What kind of cameras do you use? (digital/film)

(if digital)
-Have you used the conventional cameras before?
-Why did you decide to change?
-Do you feel that using digital cameras improve the quality of your photographs?
-In your opinion, do digital cameras have any restriction?
-Who would you recommend to use digital cameras, and why?

(if film)
-Most people are moving with the trend of using digital cameras, any reason why you prefer to stick to conventional cameras?
-Do you think conventional cameras produce better quality photographs compared to digital cameras? Why?
-Is it inconvenient to use a conventional camera? Elaborate.
-Would you want to try using a digital camera in the future?
-Who would you recommend to use conventional cameras, and why?

and lastly, what is YOUR definition of 'art of photography'?

once again, please do me this favour! i can't thank you more!



nowadays lots of pple using this place to do surveys...esp these 1 post pple


Dec 20, 2002
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Fast, easy and best, no need to walk around giving people paper & pen ma.



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Sep 19, 2003
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"Art of photography", what crap is that? Art is art, photography is photography IMO. Come to tomorrow's Slide User gathering and I will have about 10 person able to give you some answers for your survey.

You will find that many users here did not shoot film extensively enough to talk about both.


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Jan 11, 2005
Just curious... who's/what's your project for? School? Commercial? To be published?
And echo the point by espn - what if someone shoots both formats?

Feb 14, 2005
mm it's for school.
thanks adam i'll put up a java applet next time. anyway i'm not doing this here cause i'm lazy to put it on paper, but more of even if i put it on paper, who do i give it to! at least there's a relatively large group of pple here who are interested in photography. mmhmm.

okay that's quite true. if you use both, any specific reason why? and do you have any preferences, say you use the film cam to take one sort of photographs, and the digi, another?

art of photography? well personally i think photography is an art itself, but i'm just fishing for more of your opinions! so yeah.
and i won't wanna be a 'one post (person)', but im still rather new at this so i cant give any input to most stuff yet. yup.

thanks to those who replied me! hope they keep coming!

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