Lost stall location...

Can anyone help me with my cravings + temptations..
Anyone know where are these stalls?

I have always been trying to locate these 2 stalls..
1. Geylang Lor 20, Fried Kuay Teow
- The did use a bit of lard to fry the kuay teow. It's delicious!! 2 years ago, I still saw it and ate it in a coffee shop at Geylang Lor 16.. Now no where to be seen.

2. Coffee shop (in front of URA carpark) near Guan Yin Temple (Queen Street), Red Dates Bee Hoon
- Red Dates soup with bee hoon. Used to have a long queue. Less than a year ago, still there. After their lease term over, them moved but don't know move to where.

If anyone happens to know where are these stalls now, please let me know. My friends and me like the food at these stalls. :thumbsup:
Thanks a lot + Thanks in advance!! :D

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