Looking for Video Team | Week Project | 4-6KSGD


Apr 5, 2012
Hi All

I am looking for a competent Videography Team for an additional week-long corporate project.
My current team is tied up in an overlapping project.

Brief in detail:

- Indoor Interview Short Clip FIlming
- Outdoor Location Snippets
- One Full Day Event in Conference Hall Hotel
- Optional Edit Cuts/Summary Video

Equipment and Crew Requirements:
- Two Videomen
- Industry Standard 4K Cam
- LED Lighting for Interview Clips

We will confirm the team shortly as we are working on a tight timeline.
Kindly get in touch with me at https://www.facebook.com/theejq
Or Drop me a message here.

Budget 4-6KSGD. Kindly drop me your highlight reels and contact information.

Best Regards

Evan Q.