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Jul 18, 2003
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Hi all,

was intro'd to this site by a fren. :)

been using my fujifilm finepix 2600z (sigh.. so low end) for about 2 yrs now. thinking of upgrading if i can find a suitable camera currently.. though i dunno if there is.

i am not an AVID photographer.. i use it mainly for family functions or holidays.. but i've realised that my photos are turning out worse and worse. maybe i've become more particular about details.

my worst problems are indoor lighting/night shots and pixelation (which is related to indoor lighting/pixelation). whenever my photos come out underexposed or the colors are not right. i'll immediately go to photoshot and edit it. i never contemplated an external flash coz i heard they don't really help much. do they?

i dunno if it's coz of my editing skills or due to the 2mp of the camera, they look alrite on the monitor but come out quite pixelated on print (4r)

here's wht i have
1) fujifilm finepix 2600z
2) 64mb + 32mb smart media
3) 4 x 1800mAh AA gp batteries (my camera uses 2)
4) charger and the standard accessories.

i might buy a new camera if i can find one that is/has
1) > 3mp
2) hot shoe
3) can re-use the smart media (not necessarilly, but would be good)
4) uses AA batteries (hate proprietary batts)

zooming is not such a big deal for me. i prefer the up close and personal type of shooting.

thanks for anyone who helps (negative comments also welcome)

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