Looking for teen couples for a photo project

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May 28, 2003
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Dear friends,

I am looking for 10 teen couples for a personal photo project tentatively titled, "Ai Gia Steady Mai?"

This project will explore teenage couples relationship in Singapore. I will be interviewing them together as well as seperately, as well as taking pictures of them. I intend to document each couple over a duration of 1 week, and should time permit, i will document more.

I am no longer in my teens (just got out of it), i don't have a younger brother or sister or friends in their teens. Thus i am asking for help on this forum and others for teen couples who want their love life to be documented visually.

When i mention teens, i am looking for those couples age 18 and below. Should you, or know of someone who falls into this category, please help me ask me they are interested.

I will provide a short intro of myself via email or phone to interested parties as i think it is not appropriate for me to divulge too much of myself now. But rest assure that i am a decent photographer who worked in the papers before and is a freelance photographer now working with a camera manufacturer on their launch of their new cameras.

Alternatively, my name can be googled for some information.

Please send all emails to gleonard@singnet.com.sg or call me at 97243235. I think by releasing my mobile number i am being quite transparent already (that's the hottest word now isn't it?)

Goh Leonard


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Apr 20, 2005
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wahh u sure do know a lot of photography website yeah


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