Looking for Shots on Singapore to Publish a book in Korea (Korean)


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Oct 9, 2005
Paya Lebar
I have a friend who has returned to Korea and has came out with an idea ot publish a book about Singapore and have approached me for some nice photos on Singapore.
I believe most of you here will definitely have something to share but if you are keen, the downside is that no $ will be involved, unless he plans to sell the book but I don't think he is.
The purpose is more to introduce Singapore and I would guess, you will be able to receive the book when published.

Reference will definitely be made to the photographer but nothing is concrete from his side yet.
For those who are keen, kindly drop me a PM or reply to this thread and I will update accordingly if this goes through.

Don't worry, I will not use your photos for my own purposes and if you are giving me any photos, PLEASE put your reference or signature across the photo to safeguard yourself too.
Once again, stay tuned. :)

Yutaka Go

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May 22, 2010
You can just snap some photos of SG iconic landmark and send them to your friend.

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