Looking for Photographers/Videographers/Assistants (Students/Interns allowed!)


New Member
Apr 26, 2014
Hi, we are currently short of manpower for events coming up the next few months. Hence we need to look for photographers, videographers and assistants. Here are some of the events we will need manpower (there are even more):

-ROM, wedding: 1 & 2 Nov, 29 & 30 Nov, needing photographer & videographer & assistants
-Store Opening: 16 & 17 Sep, needing photographer
-Birthday: 6 Sep, needing videographer

Payout will be determined by your experience and nature of event.

Hence, this is not a one-time thing. Please contact careers@simplicity.sg if interested. Students, interns and those who need to boost up portfolio are welcome to contact us.

Thanks for reading!