Looking for Intrinsically Motivated and Passionate Junior Photo Assistant


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Dec 7, 2016
LOOKING FOR JUNIOR PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT/s to work with on an on-going basis

Ideally someone who shares a similar passion in the line of work that we do (on-location Commercial, Corporate work) so that our time can be most mutually beneficial.

Remuneration and tangible benefits (e.g. lunch covered) varies with project, and a ballpark figure is $10/hr and/or $80-$100/day

Monetary remuneration will be provided but if you are in this for the money, I would strongly advise you to look elsewhere for better opportunities.

Also not recommended if you feel that you are too experienced or too good for us, basically if you think we are not gonna bring any benefit to you, let's not waste each others' time then!

We hope to reach out to those with a heart to learn as we have benefited and am still benefiting from the many assist work we have done with various other photographers, and we would like to pass further pass on these benefits to further benefit the local photography community

If keen, please email info@aufaitstudios.com with the Subject Title: "Photo Assistant: (your name)" for a chat! Please include a short profile write-up about yourself.

Thanks Clubsnap!

TLDR: LF> Intrinsically Motivated and Passionate Photo Assistant