looking for employment... tuition teacher needed...anyone?

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hallo all!

i'm here to advertise my services... basically looking for some part-time work rite now.

looking to be a tuition teacher for anyone who might need help... this is the part i have to sell myself a bit so here goes...

i'm 20 going on 21 this year, finishing up my last 2 months of NS, waiting to go university. served as an officer and instructor in my unit.

did jc in hwa chong, had 4As (phy, chem, math and econ) and 2 merits for my S papers (phy, math) and A1 for GP, A2 for chi

sec sch was cat hi, 7A1s (eng, Emath, Amath, phy, chem, hist, geog), A2 for chi, (embarassingly) C6 for higher chi...

was offered PSA and PSC overseas scholarships 2 yrs ago, but did not accept. Recently invited to apply for SAF Merit scholarship to go overseas but declined due to lack of interest.

was accepted to Stanford, Cornell and Imperial College. Will be looking to matriculate at Stanford, as such, need to earn what i can to help pay for my studies. :)

preferably looking to tutor sec sch and jc level in sciences and math, but subjects to be taught are negotiable, as is price.

on top of teaching these subjects alone, i have bonus abilities. i can also help coach students in SAT scores, and provide advice on applying to UK/US universities, scholarship applications, scholarship board interviews and so on.

lastly, if u r worried that i may not be around to see u thru to the end of the year or to your O/A levels, pls don't worry, i have friends locally whom are very capable and intelligent, i will be sure to do my best to ensure that even when i have to go (September), I will recommend replacements, people, whom are top-notch.

Of course, my aim is to ensure that I do such a good job that you won't need anyone after I am done! :angel:

also, in case someone else is reading this and u have a vacancy for a part-time job, i'd love to hear about it!

If you're still here reading this, i really have to say thanks a lot for your time! :D

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