Looking for (current) Full-time Professional Event Photographer (above $100 an hour)


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Jan 28, 2015

I am looking for professional event photographer who is currently in this field full-time. I have a pretty unique proposal to improve your business well; one that you need not do any marketing and need not spend on advertising as we receive daily enquiries from potential clients.

You will run the entire operations from quotation and liaising with the clients directly and offer your best photography service while we concentrate on marketing and getting the leads in for you in the backend. This is not an employment, but a genuine opportunity in running your own business. The expected price you can get is above $100 an hour but it also depends on your portfolio.

It will be mainly a work-from-anywhere business other than when you are on-site covering the photography jobs.

This proposal is suitable for you if you are:
- Already in photography full-time and you cover event photography (d&ds, awards ceremony, product launches, birthday party, family photoshoot etc..)
- Currently charging your direct clients an hourly rate of at least $100 an hour
- Serious about improving your sales substantially
- Able to handle up to 6-8 enquiries a day (varies according to time of the year)
- Possess a good range of events portfolio

It will be a plus if you:
- Are able to cover and good in other photography genres from Product photography, School photography, Corporate photography, Studio photography to Wedding photography (AD, ROM, Surprise proposal)
- Have a partner who covers event and other genres of photography
- Are good in both event photography & videography

Please email me at enquiry@panpixels.com only if you are really interested in this proposal, and we will discuss in full details over coffee on how we can move forward together.



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