Looking for 2 buddies to join in Northern/Central Vietnam trip 20th - 29th March 2012


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Jan 14, 2009
Hi all,

This is a little short notice. I'll be going on a leisure & photography trip with my mom next month and I'm looking for 2 more singaporeans to share land transport cost. Basically I've been to south vietnam enough times and the family member gets irritated so this trip for mom is on me.

Understand that my mom may slow things down. No worries about that & I will help to coordinate so that any hardcore photographers who join me will have all the time in the world to shoot as much as they want & whatever they want.

The itinerary will be:

Hanoi - Halong/Haiphong - Hue/Hoi An - Hanoi - Lao Cai/Sapa - Hanoi


1. There will be 4 over-night sleeper bus/train rides.
2. There will be ample time to rest in the hotel. Hotel types will be mainly 2 - 3 star. Cost ranging from $25 - $35 SGD per room per night.
3. Photographers; Must have wide-angle lens for halong bay to avoid disappointment. I've been there once.
4. We may need to look for a tour-guide in Hue/Hoi An as I have no idea how to speak their dialect & have never been to central vn before. However I speak sufficient northern vietnamese.
5. Prefer partners who are open to eating chicken, beef, seafood & pork.

Do contact me at 90296681 if you're interested.

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