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Feb 18, 2011

ROARRRR....it is happening! Lomography has officially set its foot print in the Lion City! If you want to be the first to engage with Lomography Singapore, accept the challenge that we have for you!

Do you wow others with your words and pictures? Are you the hippiest kid in the bloggersphere? Do your followers know more about your life than your own mother? On lah! Take part in the LoBlography Challenge for a chance to win a brand new Lomography LC-A+ or La Sardina!

The Challenge

20 of the coolest Singaporean bloggers will be given a Lomography La Sardina camera and film to play with for 3 weeks. During these 3 weeks, write about all your experiences on your blog, post up your photos, and share your experience with your readers about your cool new toy — just about anything you wish to share! The blogger who gets the most comments and likes and reblogs on a single post will win themselves a brand new LC-A+ to keep forever! Only one with the most creative blog post out of the bunch will win away a La Sardina!

Who can enter

Anyone who lives in Singapore and is a regular blogger. It doesn’t matter whether your blog is large or small, as long as you are interested in this blogger challenge: we want to hear from you!

How to enter

This is an open call for submissions. Please send an email before 15th September 2011 to sgblogger@lomography.com stating…

o A little bit about you

o The address of your blog

o Why do you want to take part
o A few lines about your blog (themes, stats, etc.)

o Your postal address (so we know where to send your trial camera!)

That’s it! Just a short email for your chance to win an LC-A+ or a La Sardina! We will handpick the 20 most suitable bloggers to take part, and the challenge will take place throughout September 2011. We will keep you posted! Good luck!

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