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Hi everyone!

My apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I would just like to get feedbacks from all of you on location suggestions for a shoot I'm conducting.

What I'm looking for are old schools, those that still have power supply so that we can tap, or buildings that we can mock it up as a school. The enviroment we want to recreate is the one similar to an 80s feel. I got a recommendation about this location, Upper Loyang Road, near this red condominium. Has anyone heard of that place?

I truly appreciate your kind help in advance and I hope I could get some suggestions so that I can start to recce.

Again, my bad if it's in the wrong section. Please move it to the correct section if so.

Thank you once again guys! I've asked for help in this forum several times and they have been truly appreciated, I hope the same thing can happen again. :heart:

Thanks! :)


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Mar 24, 2007
I think you mentioning the one at Upper Changi North Road. I thought that have been used now by the S'pore Prison Dept.


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Aug 5, 2005
Up for a new day.

Just name me any primary/secondary schools that you have seen which resembles a building in the 80s.

Most schools would have new extension block and new coat of paint (even though they are built in the 80s) due to upgrading.

I know of one along Upper Changi Road (diagonally across Bedok MRT). It is known as Temasek Sec in the early 80s. After TSS moved, it had been used to temporarily housed other schools in the East which is having major upgrading. It still look the same as it is in the 80s.

Another school will be the former Tanjong Katong Girls' school (along Tanjong Katong Road). Built in the 50s but they have yet to demolish (as of last time I saw half year ago). Some part of the school site is used to house some organisation but the major school block look abandoned (and quite scary though).

Hope that helps.

Mar 25, 2008
Try the old Fuchun Primary School Building along Woodlands Centre Road. It's just a walk from Marsiling MRT

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