Liveview articulating+swivel lcd function.

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Nov 24, 2008
Does anyone other then me find this feature useful and would like to see it become standard feature even on entry level dslr?

pretty nifty to have in my opinion.


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Apr 30, 2003
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they are only a few DSLR offer articulated LCD, all but one(Olympus E3) are smaller built, in fact all are using 4/3 type of sensor, like Olympus E330, Panasonic G1 and L10. Sony A350 LCD monitor is not articulated but tilting, as it can't swivel.

I too like the swivel LCD of my Canon G3 but judging from the above DSLR, it seems this type of LCD will only be used on tiny size DSLR. probably they will add more bulk to the already big size DSLR and make them look fat/thick. this type of screen existed in photograhy industry way back in 1998 with the introduction of Canons Pro70, even earlier in DV world. thus I don't think its some new invention recently, if it didn't appear in entry level DSLR the pass few years, it probably won't be in the next few years.

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