Liverpool - If I were Rafa Benitez I would buy/sell...

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Feb 27, 2008

Just thought i would toss it in the pot and see what everyone thinks. Here is my take,


Kewell (2m) - Getting something back from this investment is better than nothing. I say offload him to a newly promoted or Portsmouth.

J Pennent (4m) - Still young has speed but like Sissoko cant pass or cross. We need a better provider than that for sure.

Crouch (7-10m) - Wants first team football but he isnt another Torres for sure. May be better off somewhere else while we use the cash to get a A. Mutu / Berbatov like striker

Voronin ( 2m) - Seems abit lost during games. Could still play a part as an Att Mid behind the 2 strikers if Pool shore up their midfield.

Hyppia (1m) - Sad for him to go but age is catching up. Wigan or Bolton might want him,

Xabi Alonso (8 - 12m) - Wife gives birth and stories of her claim she is unsettled in England. With that money we could always go for a cheaper and more physical midfielder from the African countries.


Rafinha (RWB) - Schalke defender is rumoured to be going to Pool next season.

Matias Fernandez (L/R AM) - Exciting Chilean winger could well be the answer to the service we need for Torres and Co.

Ronaldinho - No introduction needed he is who he is and we could do with him!

Berbatov - Proven goalscorer who can take the pressure off Torres. His similarity in style to Torres may also prove to be a bane.

Diego Milito (Forward / Zaragoza) - With Zara at the bottom of the La Liga this gem could well prove to be a value buy. He has been a consistent performer over the last 2 seasons.

Steve Sidwell (DM) - Could well improve the distribution in the middle of the park and be a stand in for Stevie G.

Your thoughts please :)

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