Liverpool Football Club: Season XIII! You'll Never Walk Alone! Com'on YOU REDS!!!!

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Guess the Score and Scorers game...

Next game is a tough away game against portsmouth in 2 weeks time...everyone can make ur own guesses and changes when u all like it...

Current standing

1) jfoo 3 points
2) Cheesecake 3 points
3) roadrunner 3 points
4) kelccm 3 points
5) xen0275 3 points
6) estronutz 3 points
7) roDz 2 points
8) zhapchit 2 points
9) grumpy 2 points
10) blazer_works 1 point
11) dnd 1 point

away game against portsmouth

1) roDz 3-1 Liverpool win (Torres,Kuyt,Pennant)
2) cheesecake 1-1 Draw (Torres!)
3) zhapchit 2-0 Liverpool win (Torres, Voronin)
4) kelccm 2-0 Liverpool win (Crouch, Gerrard)

Common REDS....:thumbsup:

brought over too... haha really can see who is the oldest here! haha

1) roDz(1975)
2) Cheesecake (1990)
3) harrynkl (1980s)
4) Canew (1981)
5) kelccm (The 1980's. Can't remember exactly when, but definitely before Daglish was manager. Started watching football very young due to my father)
6) dfstan (1979)
7) Roadrunner_552 (1992)
8) blazer_workz (LFC Fan Since 1995)
9) Fotoudavid (When lan Rush was playing)

This one is definitely a Liverpool fan in disguise:bsmilie:

he loves to act blur and wayang as a manu fan. but we all know. :bsmilie:

i remember another one oso wayang as a manu fan but is actually a Eh! SiMiLan fan, think is redsun? :bsmilie:

But we all miss this fella the most...

the really no.1 till cannot no.1 anymore fan...

the one who always help us curse the opposition by predicting they will beat us...

the one who claimed that barca will whip us 10-0


truly madly deeply, may i present to u

the numero uno fan of LFC...

MR........ BIGGggggGGggGGgggggg Mr.BIG!

neh, not mr.kennedy ala WWE. hahahaha

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