Liverpool football club *50* - new owner, new start!! Ynwa!!!

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Correct Score Prediction = 3points!

Correct 1st Scorer for LFC = 1point!

Correct Last Scorer for LFC = 1point!

Hat-Trick Hero Perfect Guess Guess Guess! = 5points!

so in any game, the max point a participant can net is a total of 10points.

Sorting Out the Grey Areas.

1). in the event of 1-0 end result, the 1st scorer will be taken as the last scorer even though the participant might haf anticipated 2-0 or 22-0 and have listed someone else as the last scorer.

2). the prediction is good till the Final Whistle, which includes Extra-time but not Penalty Shootout.


1). cheesecake -> 30pts <-Kelong King!
2). sunnyday --> 19pts
3). coolsigg ---- > 11pts
4). domdomino --> 10pts
5). blazer_workz --> 9pts
6). zhapchit --> 8pts!
7). Canew --> 7pts!
8). grumpy --> 6pts!
9). zaren -------> 5pts (amended for the 0 goals predicted)
10). archlover --> 3pts
11). bro rodz ---- > 3pts (amended for the 0 goals predicted)
12). fotoudavid --> 3pts (amended for the 0 goals predicted)
13). taurean ----- > 1pt!
14). obfuscate ---> 1pt!
15). eejal ----> 1pt! (NEW ENTRY!! HUAT HUAT HUAT!!!)
16). shunzi ---> 1pt! (NEW ENTRY!! HUAT HUAT HUAT!!!)

League of HAT-TRICK HEROES <--- KELONG!!! :bsmilie:

1). FC Utrecht 0 LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB 0 ---> cheesecake
30/9/2010 Stadion Galgenwaard

2). Napoli 0. LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB 0 --> cheesecake & sunnyday
21/10/2010 San Paolo, Italy

English Premier League

24-10-2010, 1400hrs GMT, Sunday
LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB vs. Blackburn Rovers!!

1). 3-0 LFC wins!! (Torres, Torres) CC
2). 1-0 LFC Lose! coolsigg
3). 2-0 liverpool win (torres, gerrard) sunnyday
4). 3-1 LFC WINS!!! (Cole, Cole) blazer_workz
5). 5-0 LFC WINS!!! (Torres, Cole) kelccm
6). 1-0 LFC wins!! (Torres) zaren
7). 0-0 LFC draw shunzi
8).0-1 LFC Lose roDz
9). 2-1 Liverpool wins. (S. Gerrard, F. Torres) Canew.
10) 1-0 LIVERPOOL WINS ( Cole ) domdomino
11) 2-0 Liverpool wins ( torres, torres ) archlover
12) 2-1 Liverpool WIN! (cole, torres) grumpy
13) 1-0 LFC Wins (Torress) Taurean


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Liverpool football club *50* - new owner, new start!! Ynwa!!!

NEW MANAGER also please...Hiddink...:bsmilie:


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belif torres suffering from a confidence crisis.

hell, even my elva hsiao know who the hell is that 'Louya Leiva' due to my screaming and shouting watching the 'live' match last week! kekeke
alvin hsiao u mean? :bsmilie:

spaghetti meat sauce!!

Kuyt: Injury relief
Posted 24/10/10 12:34

Liverpool should have Dirk Kuyt back fit within four weeks after the forward was told he does not need ankle surgery.

The Dutch international has given under-fire manager Roy Hodgson a timely boost after doctors allayed fears that the 30-year-old would miss a lengthy chunk of the season.

Kuyt initially feared he could have faced five months on the sidelines after falling awkwardly during Holland's Euro 2012 qualifier against Sweden a fortnight ago.

But the versatile Reds schemer hopes to be available for selection before the busy December schedule.

Kuyt said: "I had a second scan and the doctor has now told me that they do not need to operate on my ankle. That is such a relief.

"The doctor says I could be back in the Liverpool team within one month.'

Kuyt, who injured his shoulder in Holland training earlier this season, added: "I can't wait to play again and help the team. The doctor says this injury needs a bit of rest and good physiotherapy will speed up my comeback on the pitch."

Your Comments: (posted by a fan)

"Dammit! That's not good news at all!"

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