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LIVERPOOL F.C - You'll Never Walk Alone! (Season 9)

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Dear LIVERPOOL F.C fans and football fanatics, this is still the pre-season and yes, Liverpool has yet to make any mega signing!

Lucas Leiva and Andriy Voronin remains our 2 signing so far in the Pre-Season. :sweatsm:

Welcome to LIVERPOOL F.C football thread season 9.

let's continue to tok-kock, laugh at chelski and of cos, try to set up a school for lining up our own pockets. :bsmilie:

jeff49er said:
To welcome LFC players he will have 2 rare white elephants. Singha beer and Pak thai for refreshments at half time

WHITE ELEPHANTS?? dun tell me thaksin stole 2 and stuff them inside his suitcase!! :bsmilie:

pak thai roxxxxxxxx! singha beer is the worst beer i've ever had after fosters. :sticktong

roDz said:
worst off season that i know off...common sign someone la...anyone??? LoL sound desperate liao...sekali suddenly sign someone really big how? TORRESSSSSSSS

wa seh, same sentiments. the really WORST off-season i've experienced so far. no big signings, no news no nothing.

Rafa disappeared.:dunno:

roDz said:
ometimes its juz wayang la...here pull string..there pull string...i think somebody big will come as promissed by the yankees...LoL,highly likely will be Torresssssssss,YES...i like....

not sure how big an impact TORRES will bring to Anfield but at least he is young and has a great future ahead of him.

we need strikers like Diego Milito who is so taico and so kio sai and cheapskate-picker, we can be assured of 15goals a season.:thumbsup:

jeff49er said:
Its Sat am in Sg and Fri nite in Liverpool. No news.

Latest news is Thaksin is heading for 75% ownership and the best news is there is 50m pounds of transfer funds to compete ag Man U and the EPL

Lucky he didnt take over LFC
tis one got rumour and political reasons one. some say he park $$ and some say he bought mancity to show that he has business dealings in U.K and thus will seek the government's protection should he be hauled back to thailand.


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Sep 8, 2005
White Elephants Town
Woah so fast Season 9!!! Haiz... there's no further signings yet :cry:

Good luck to whoever that get mickey mouse, as long Pool dun buy him can liao ;) :p

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