LIVERPOOL F.C. Season XV - Rafa, come back!!

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Let's get ready to GUESS GUESS GUESS!

Correct Score Prediction = 3points!

Correct 1st Scorer for LFC = 1point!

Correct Last Scorer for LFC = 1point!

Hat-Trick Hero Perfect Guess Guess Guess! = 5points!

so in any game, the max point a participant can net is a total of 10points.

Sorting Out the Grey Areas.

1). in the event of 1-0 end result, the 1st scorer will be taken as the last scorer even though the participant might haf anticipated 2-0 or 22-0 and haf listed someone else as the last scorer.

2). the prediction is good till the Final Whistle, which includes Extra-time but not Penalty Shootout.

Current standings:

1) roadrunner 13 points
2) Cheesecake 12 points
3) jfoo 10 points
4) kelccm 6 points
5) dfstan 6 points
6) grumpy 6 points
7) xen0275 4 points
8) roDz 3 points
9) airfins 3 points
10) estronutz 3 points
11) blazer_works 3 points
12) zhapchit 3 points
13). canew 2 point
14). dnd 1 point

Saturday, 10/11/07

LIVERPOOL vs. Fulham (Anfield)

1). 3-0 Liverpool wins (1st Crouch, Last Kuyt) dfstan
2). 2-0 LIVERPOOL win! (1st Stevie G, Last Stevie G) cheesecake
3). 1-0 Liverpool win (Crouch) zhapchit
4). 4-0 Liverpool win (1st Crouch, Last Gerrard) kelccm
5). 2-1 Liverpool Win!! (1st Voronin, Last Babel) blazer_workz
6). 3-0 Liverpool WIN!! (1st Stevie G, Last Crouch) roadrunner
7). 3-1 Liverpool wins! (1st: P. Crouch, Last: R. Benayoun) Canew.
8). 4-0 Liverpool WIN (1st Crouch, Last Gerrard) airfins

the discussion on dirty kite...

cheesecake! said:
noooo... first season not that impressed with him. jus run around, hardworking, strong heading.

tas all!

can't think of the main attributes of a striker in him... such as kio-sainess(positioning sense to pounce on loose balls), tyko-ness(luck of a striker, anyhow oso can score)...

last season the defenders are clueless as to how best to stop him mainly becos he has peter crouch taking the load off him and he plays behind him, picking up the head-ons. this season, to be fair to him of which i certainly am(hahaha), peter crouch is shoved to the bench and kite plays upfront alone on his own or sometimes with torres.

but even with torres next to him, he still can't really perform even though defenders are glued to torres. in fact torres scores more goal!

there, dirty kite shall haf till january to convince me. hahaha

otherwise i will always call him dirty kite. hehehe

the discussion on dirty kite...

jfoo! said:
okay let's start a discussion on dirk kyut. anyone can join in and give their views.

i thought he was good in the first season, a hard worker and a team player but this season, like the rest of the team, his form seems to be going down and he's becoming like milan baros running around like a headless chicken. diff is milan baros does score once in a while. we can only wish that kyut gets on the goal sheet soon to restore his confidence.

he seems like a player played out of position by rafa. possibly due to pennant's injury and with arebelio and kewell coming back, we should see kyut in the centre more where he belongs.

let's see till january if he makes the grade to be a liverpool player.

the discussion on dirty kite...

cheesecake(again!) said:

correct la!!! ---> (in reference to grumpy's post)

he can oni play well if he is not the target man.

he run and run and run, the EPL defenders jus let him run la. bochup him. after awhile, he gets tired. hahaha

basket. mux know when to accelerate n speed up mah... not running 2.4 all the time on the pitch aimlessly or in circles.


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Aug 20, 2005
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As usual...


Go Liverpool Go!!!

You'll Never Walk Alone... ;p


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Jun 22, 2007
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Wow another season liao, last season is a mixture of good and bad let hope for a new being in this season....

:cheergal::cheergal:HUAT AH!!!:cheergal::cheergal:



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Jun 9, 2006
Good morning Sir. grumpy reporting for duty!


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Apr 7, 2004
so fast ah. i wondering how come no replies to the thread than saw new season leow.

Wow another season liao, last season is a mixture of good and bad let hope for a new being in this season....

:cheergal::cheergal:HUAT AH!!!:cheergal::cheergal:

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