LIVE webcasting to explode in 2017?


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2016 has seen a clear growth in demand for Live webcasting on Youtube,Facebook Live and Periscope. The barriers to entry for event videographers have all but melted away these past months.

Today, the price of prosumer camecorders has fallen through the floor. (eg the Panasonic AG-AC30)
HD video switchers have become even cheaper than camcorders (eg Roland V1-HD, Cerevo LiveWedge)
Wirecast Play is retailing for only $9.90 (
And now even bonded 4G services is within the reach of most videographers.
LiveU is now offering a 300GB bonding service for the new LiveU Solo at just USD45/mth (
Teradek is offering a 50GB Sharelink plan for Vidiuu PRo at only USD19.90 (

But don't get too happy.
Anyone can start a nine- angle Facebook Livecast with just one Mevo (
Companies like Switcher Studio is enabling DIY multi phone LIVE uplink to many popular CDNs.

Heck! a TV set-up like the fictitious public access Wayne's World can be created today without any budget.
Party time! Excellent!


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Dec 7, 2006
I think on the surface, all these make it sound like pulling off a good webcast is too easy. The various elements required is actually quite significant. On my end, I've been trying to lower price for clients and make it affordable, at the same time, minimizing the amount of gears and manpower I have to deploy. Even with the simplest setup, it always end off with some limitation & roadblock.
You need manpower to operate and monitor cameras, mic & monitor audio for the guests, someone to direct/live switch, man the streaming systems & monitor the streaming bitrate, etc... So unless it's a 'simple', off your iphone, non-professional, no-obligation, no-one will die if stream gets cut-off half-way, no one cares if lighting is bad, camera color balance is off, nobody cares if audio can't be heard or audio dropout in the middle, lip-sync goes off kinda-webstreaming, then I guess it's okay.

Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas.

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