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I took this of the lead singer of my youth band early on last week during our camp. Relatively dark except for the awesome light set up behind him and around the stage.

I'm looking at taking better live stage photography and perhaps portraits as well. Portrait-wise, i have closer up shots that I could share elsewhere but otherwise as the rule states i'll have to post this one first anyway.

I was quite pleased with the shot since it's on 100 iso and that the shot was really impromptu. He turned just as I took it. I swear it isn't posed.

Looking for improvements and any comments.


it's also on my deviantart account in case the pic doesn't exactly show up properly.

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Feb 28, 2007
i thought it was great, then superwoman started to get to me!
but anw nice shot, i understand how hard it is to take musicians in low lightings... good effort!
OT a little can u tell me what they did with the kick bass drum skin?

ha, thanks deklan.
didn't get the superwoman part though :p

about the kick bass drum, it was a transparent skin at first, but we put a sticker of a bulb at the back of it and sprayed the insides black, then we removed the sticker and placed a white paper inside before having an interchangable light source within the bass drum to change in sync with the kick.
the rest of the text were stickers on the outside. wicked eh!

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