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Little Spiderhunter

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Jan 23, 2002
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Since there's so many Crimson Sunbird pixs already, I shall not post mine here. Instead, there is a close relative of this bird called the Little Spiderhunter always hanging out with the Crimson Sunbirds at the Heliconia flowers down at MOG. "Little" is a relative word, cos this bird was much bigger than the Crimson Sunbirds, more like the size of the Plain-Throated Sunbirds, which are the biggest of our Sunbirds found here.

It was my first trip to MOG and was pleasantly surprised with the number of Crimson Sunbirds and Spiderhunters found there. Took some time off from P.Ubin to bring you these pictures of the Little Spiderhunter.


Not open for further replies.
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