Lingerie Shoot - 5 June 7pm-10pm

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Jan 3, 2007
This lingerie shoot is suitable for those who want to practice the art of posing models for lingerie shoot. Experiment why some poses are yaks while some are sensual. How to achieve good taste while shooting lingerie ...

darkroom42's practice: we welcome newbies.

Model has requested to wear a face mask during the shoot. Please note.

Date/Time : 5 June Thursday, 7pm - 10pm
Model : 1 (Kellyn)
Outfit : Lingerie, 2 sets
Cost : $120 (first 2 pays $110)
Payment Terms : Please do bank transfer with 1 working day, upon receiving payment instructions.
Ratio : 4 Min, 6 Max (4:1 , 6:1) ... may change to (2:1,3:1 2 grps). The group will decides.
Location : Indoor. Flash triggered strobe. Please bring your flash. Camera built in flash will work too. Light meter will be provided if needed.

How to register :

Send PM, SMS, Email to
9030 7496,

with :

- Name
- Nick
- Phone No

Please note payment terms above.

Models Photo (it is intentionally masked):

Ok, shoot!

Jan 3, 2007
Some valid concerns were sent to me.

About the transfer for payment, can relax, transfer $ only when shoot is confirm.

About the mask, model not confident pimple outbreak on face will heal in time lah.

So don't want to promise face shot.

Thanks for those who hilighted the issue.

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