Line appearing on edge of photo

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Nov 27, 2006
I just got a Canon A720 IS and took a few test shots before going for a trip. After uploading the photos, I realised that there is always a faint white line on the left side of the photo. It shows up clearly when using the slideshow function in Windows Gallery due to the black background.

After looking through all photos, it seems like this line is a continuation from the right side of the photo. I don't know what the problem is, and probably it won't show up after printing, but it just looks odd.

I have sent the query to Canon but they said they could not see the line even with a few persons looking and suggest viewing on another PC. I actually have viewed it on 3 seperate PCs already but its the same.

I am now posting the original image on the following link, would appreciate any help and advise. The faint line is only visible when the photo is against a black background, like a slideshow.

Original photo, I think photobucket will reduce the filesize..but should still be visible:

Image showing where the faint line will occur. Its exactly at the edge of the photo. You can't see it here because the resolution is compressed:

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