LR Tips Lightroom Tip – Facebook and Flickr Commenting


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Sep 27, 2006
First off, don’t forget that Kelby Training is having a huge sale on DVDs. I’ve done a bunch of titles over there and you can pick up some pretty good deals right now. There’s a some there for $9.99, and a lot of them (like my Mastering Color for Photoshop CS4) are still perfectly applicable for CS5. Look at it this way, you’re bound to get at least one out of a DVD to make it worth $9.99 (but you’ll probably get more). OK, on to the tip:

You probably know by now that Lightroom 3 has Facebook and Flickr integration in it. Just go to the Library module, on the left side, and scroll down to the Publish Services panel. You can post photos to a Facebook or Flickr account right from within Lightroom. But I always find that a lot of people miss a really cool feature that goes along with this. Comments. Yup, you can read/add comments that go along with the photos you post in Lightroom too. It’s the bottom-most panel on the right side in the Library module and it’s called the Comments panel (go figure
). Anyway, if you post to Facebook and Flickr you know you can’t resist comments. I’m not the only one that goes in and hits refresh every 5 minutes right? Anyway, now you can refresh and see/add comments without ever even leaving Lightroom. How’s that for convenience? Have a great weekend everyone!


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