Lightroom Series - Monochrome Conversion

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Apr 20, 2007
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Lightroom 2.x offers a great deal of flexibility and ease when it comes to creating dynamic monochrome images. Using a variety of standard tools within Lightroom 2.x allows you to play with color channels, dodge & burn, add vignettes, etc. intuitively. Here’s a basic workflow that I usually follow when I convert my images to monochrome in Lightroom.

One of the keys to a good monochrome image is to select the right photograph to use. There are no hard rules in choosing an image, but it’s best to have an image with good tonality and lots of midtones to work with rather than using a really high-contrast image unless the purpose is intentional high contrast.

Images with ample texture and tones usually make great monochrome images.

We’ll use this image here that my friend, John Garcia, sent me to use as an example.

1) Import image into Lightroom.

2) Switch to the Develop module.

Read the entire tutorial here <<

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