Lightroom or Capture 1 - user friendliness vs freedom to switch to others in future

Oct 3, 2009
Singapore, Singapore
I have read up many web discussion and also viewed many youtube on these 2 comparison. At the end, I felt LR easier to use although it could be because I managed to get more links on LR. However, one concern I have would be the use of catalog which someone claimed that 'session' will be a better way to go. My concern is whether when I choose not to upgrade LR or Capture 1, will I be free from them and move to another software. I wish to maintain only 1 working set of photos and another set as backup. All in external drives as I won't want to use my internal harddisk which is limited.

Any experience users on LR or C1 to advise me? I plan to purchase either one soon. If you know of any better ones, do let me know know.

Thanks in advance.

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