LR Tips Lightroom Mobile Week – Day 2 – Better Retouching is One Tap Away


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Sep 27, 2006

Retouching in Lightroom for the desktop is pretty limited, so you can imagine how limited retouching is in Lightroom Mobile is, but that actually got a whole lot better with this latest release — not by adding new retouching features to Lightroom Mobile (or desktop), but through a free App Adobe released called Photoshop Fix, and there’s a built-in direct link to jump your image from Lightroom Mobile straight over into Photoshop Fix, so you can do your retouching there.
First, download the free Photoshop Fix app from the App store (it’s IOS only at this point, but Adobe says an Android version is “coming soon.”) Then, when you’re in Lightroom Mobile and want to take an image over to Fix for retouching, tap the Share button in the top right corner of the screen, and then tap on “Open In” and the pop-up window you see above appears. Tap on “Copy to Photoshop Fix” and it copies that image and opens it in the Photoshop Fix app almost instantly.

So, how good is Photoshop Fix, really? It’s freakin’ astounding! It’s actually just about too good. It’s healing brush, clone stamp tool, and other retouching tools (including some adjusting facial features) are just…well they’re too good. Some of its features should be in “real” Photoshop on the desktop, buy they’re not — only found in this free Adobe app. I’m still scratching my head, but what the heck — it’s here so let’s make the most of it.

A lot of what us LR Mobile users will be doing is removing blemishes, wrinkles, stray hairs, and stuff like that, and in Photoshop Fix you literally just paint over these problem areas with your finger, and they results are Photoshop-like for sure. It’s like it was born to work with Lightroom Mobile! (and it’s free, so how can you not try it out).
Anyway, these two make a pretty powerful team, expanding Lightroom’s retouching power beyond what we can do in even the desktop version of Lightroom, and that’s sayin’ something.
I hope you’ll give Fix a look. It’s way better than you’d think, and more powerful than you realize. Ack!

That’s a short, sweet, quickie of this Tuesday.
P.S. Yesterday I shared some images from my photo shoot at New York City’s hidden gem — The Morgan Library. If you didn’t get a chance to see them, here’s the link. 
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