Lightroom 4 Beta review - Exposure Control


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Mar 10, 2008
Ang Mo Kio
Lightroom 4 beta review - Exposure control.
Simply by using the exposure sliders and presence control, I could achieve in 1 RAW file what I used to require 3 RAW files. And with much more realism no less.
The huge improvements, I noticed, came from (in the following order):
- clarity: gave much more definition without over bearing local contrasts
- whites/ blacks/ shadows/ highlights/ exposure sections

I was able to rescue the shadow areas without:
- blowing my highlights,
- flattening the contrast in the shadow areas,
- introducing noise (cannot see from web image),

...and I haven't touched HSL or Graduated Filter yet! the new ACR rocks!

Left: auto white balance and auto exposure
Right: manually adjusted exposure and clarity only.

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