Lightmeter stolen from my own studio!!!

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Jun 7, 2004
Singapore, Singapore, Singapor
hi all, i am very upset. yesterday i realised my Minolta V lightmeter has been stolen from my own studio!
i dunno who did it but it is downright despicable of the person who did it!!! the more i think about it the more TL i am :angry:
why so SWAY?!?!?! i shoot kids, pregnant women and families, they don't seem the sort who would steal a lightmeter right? so how come? sigh................

anyway very sian, for now i just make do with the usual settings i can remember :(

sorry to rant, i'm just very upset :(


May 11, 2004
Ah M, sometimes some thing kenar taken by mistake.

Sometimes kenar knock and go under something until a few years later than find.

Sometimes some things kenar drop by client or kid, then parent go hide it somewhere, or take, not because dey wan to steal, but because scared kenar scold or pay for damage. Still dishonest. Or sometimes kid take and parents dun know.

Next time do an equipment check-list, especially if there are going to be either lots of people in the studio, or a lot of noise and confusion. Go through the check list quietly before everyone leaves the studio, and if you find something you think is genuinely 'missing', then go over the check list in front of everyone without saying that you suspect someone stole something. Or just say out loud, "Eh? Anyone saw my XYZ looks like a smal box black karror one ah? I tink I may have misplaced it or mabbie someone take by mistake tink it's baby powder box."

Then sometimes just suay lor. Wat to do.

I once had a medium format motor drive 'dissappear' after I was at a 'friend's' studio. The only people in the studio throughout the entire time was the two of us. Friend die die say dun have so what to do? Lan Lan write off as operating cost lah.

Hope your lightmeter is really kenar knock and go under a cupboard or something.

Cheer up.

p.s. Dun tink ah sohs and mothers or couples are angles. They are still humans. Even a blind man can rob you. Just be aware.


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Apr 14, 2005
Compassvale Lane
p.s. Dun tink ah sohs and mothers or couples are angles. They are still humans. Even a blind man can rob you. Just be aware.
Wah, even a blind man can rob? :bigeyes: :bsmilie: I haven't seen before... must see to believe... :bsmilie:


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Nov 16, 2004
Did u rent yr studio to anyone? :think:

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