License 2 play : COSPLAY ARENA! COME JOIN NOW ! :)

Apr 7, 2011
Hi everyone! Licence 2 play is back!

These are the details for the cosplay Arena!

This year, Licence 2 Play (L2P) will be presenting a whole new segment to cater to cosplay lovers.
Held at the Cosplay Arena, CosGames being the first “East Vs West” game character cosplay showdown, is seeking for individuals to dress up as their favourite East or West Game characters. So come join us and stand a chance to be crowned as the best dressed characters. What’s more, winners will walk away with attractive prizes.

To sign up today, simply log on to our website link:

Entry deadline is by Sunday, 15 May 2011 at 1159 hours, so hurry gear up and showcase your


For more information on L2P, CosGames and attractive prizes, visit

General Information:

Date: 27 to 29 May 2011
Time: 11am to 9pm
Venue: Suntec City Exhibition Hall 401, Level 4

Attractive Prizes to be won J!

1st Prize Winner for each category = S$500 Cash

2nd Prize Winner for each category = S$300 Cash

3rd Prize Winner for each category = S$150 Cash

All other finalists (7 in each category) = S$100 Cash

Grand Winner = 2x Return economy tickets to Japan (Tokyo) or Korea (Seoul)*
*Winner to confirm which destination and dates of travel within 30days.

Registration Details

1. One Image of the game character you wish to Cosplay as:
· Image must be at least 640 x 800 pixels and maximum size of 200kb in JPEG format.
· Image must clearly show the character. § Image should be a full length image of the character showing the costume in full.
· Please use official game art if possible.

2. One Image of one of your previous cosplay or you in your competition entry costume:
· 640 x 800 pixels and maximum size of 200kb in JPEG format.

3. If you are age 16 and under, please download the parental consent form from Licence2Play and have it signed and filled up by one of your parents or guardian.

Sign-up Procedure

1. Complete online registration form at and submit.
2. Wait for the auto response on your email account.
3. Reply to the email attaching the Image of the game character you have decided on for your competition entry.
4. Attach image of your previous cosplay or you in your competition entry costume.
5. Place CosGames + Participant’s full name on the subject line then click ‘send’ to complete your registration before 15 May 2011 at 1159hrs.
6. "Like" and join L2P CosGames Facebook page.
7. Post up work in progress images of your entry costumes and props and get your friends to "like" them.

Programme Details

Day 1 (Friday, 27 May 2011)

1. Contestants to report at 2 pm in entry costume with the following:
· Identification (NRIC or Passport)
· Parental consent form (For participants 16 years and below)
2. Contestants will have their competition entry photo taken by L2P CosGames Staff for voting purpose:
· Photo taken onsite will be used for public voting purpose.

3. Contestants can change out of costume once they have registered and have had their photos taken.

Day 2 (Saturday, 28 May 2011)

1. Contestants to report at 11am at the show booth at the entrance of L2P. Contestants need not be in their entry costume but is encouraged to cosplay.
2. Contestants will use Saturday for garnering votes from the public from 12 pm to 6pm at the Suntec event venue:
· Votes will only be accepted via SMS but contestants are encouraged to move around the hall to garner votes.
· Votes collected will determine if who get into the finals on Sunday.

3. Contestants can change out of their costume once they are done with their vote garnering activity.

Day 3 (Sunday, 29th May 2011)

1. Contestants to report at 12noon in entry costume.
2. Finalists will be revealed on Sunday at 3.00pm (for East CosGamers) and 4.30pm (for West CosGamers):
· Finalists are determined by number of votes collected on Saturday and the number of likes they manage to accumulate on the images they submitted on facebook.

3. Finalists will be given 1 minute of stage time each for the judge's decision to determine the overall champion. The judging criteria will be as follows:
· Costume accuracy – 40%
· Portrayal of character – 20%
· Performance – 20%
· Public Votes – 20% (collected on Saturday)

4. Final results will be revealed at 7.30pm. Finalists are expected to be on stage in full costume.

F.A.Q Section

Q1: What is the format of voting?
A1: SMS voting will be used. Each voter can vote once for a contestant on the East camp and once for another contestant on the West camp.

Q2: Can I choose not to go around and garner votes on Saturday?
A2: Yes you may. However, you are still required to report at the specified time and place. If you wish to stand a chance at winning, we advise you to make use of the allocated time to garner votes for your entry.

Q3: Can I still participate in the costume competition even though I am not a Singapore Citizen?
A3: Of course you can! Participation of the competition is not limited to Singapore citizens and PRs. As long as rules and regulations are abided, anyone is free to participate!

Q4: How do I know which camp (East or West) I am on?
A4: As a general rule, this is determined by the origin country of the developers. If you have chosen Cosplay character that was created by the game/video game developer from the East (Oriental origin) such as Korea, Japan, China and various Asia countries, then you are in the East Camp. Characters belonging to the WEST Camp are games developed from US and Europe.

For a complete list of the publisher of each of the game titles kindly refer to this link:
List of video game developers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Q5: Will my real name be revealed? I do not wish to reveal my real name due to various reasons.
A5: Your preferred name will be used to refer to you at all times by L2P CosGames members and staff but we have no control over who gets to see your name used on your facebook profile via the photos you submit onto your facebook page for the purpose of this competition.

Q6: Am I allowed to prepare my own background music onstage?
A6: Yes, please enquire and confirm format to submit on Day 2 with onsite staff. Also submission of background music is to be done when reporting at 12noon on Day 3.

Q7: Can I seek helpers for my performance?
A7: Yes, up to a maximum of 4 helpers, however, helpers are not allowed to be contestants and vice versa.

Q8: I have yet to receive the confirmation email after I have registered online!
A8: Do not worry as sometimes it takes up to 24 hours to process your online registration, you may not see it immediately but you will definitely see the confirmation email within 24 hours.

*There is possibility that our email has been filtered to your spam mail's inbox, so please do check your spam mail if you do not see the confirmation email in 24 hours. If you do not see your confirmation email still, you can always email us at and we will resolve this as soon as possible.

Registration form link(s):

Contact Information:
Email us at you have any questions or if you encounter any problems. Please feel free to ask any questions on the forum too! We would respond as soon as possible. J
You can also call us at (65) 6319-4034 for any enquires! Hope to see you guys there :)


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Nov 24, 2008
The event is free entry?

Apr 7, 2011
Okay :) ! Do register soon cause entry deadline is by Sunday, 15 May 2011 at 1159 hours. Hope to see you there ! :)

Apr 7, 2011
Hey guys summarized version of competition flow! Have a look !

Day 1 = registration + photo taking(in entry costume) for voting purpose starting at 2pm
Day 2 = vote garnering from 12noon - 6pm (not*compulsory.*need not be in entry costume but is encouraged to cosplay.)*
Day 3 = Reporting at 12pm, finalists*revealed*(in entry costume) at 3pm and 4:30pm for East and west respectively + their performance segment(1 min stage time), determine winners *+ prize presentation at 7:30pm.

* Contestants can change out of costume once they are registered and have their photos taken
* Only votes that are collected from 12noon to 6pm are counted.

Please do click on the SUB-LINKS for the detailed rules and regulations!

Hope to see you guys there! :)

Apr 7, 2011
We have received some feedbacks from some of you that you guys still have not completed your costumes and props hence you might be unsure if you should pre-register online.

Fret not!

We will be extending the Registration Dateline for L2P!!
Instead of 15May2011 we will be extending to 25MAY2011

we will also be having on-site*registration*on the 27May2011 so do come down anytime, as we are opened to payment for the entire day !

Proceed to the sublinks at L2P Cosgame website for more details

Hope to see you guys there !

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Oct 6, 2009
can i just go there to take pics anot not cosplay??
do i need to regist

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