Let's Learn Photography Seminar 1 - Landscape & Travel Photography (25,26 Sept,3 Oct)


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Seminar 1 - (25th,26th Sept & 03 Oct 2010) *Limited to 20 participants
Planning … more than just equipment – Travel & Landscape Photography

As part of:

Part 1 – (Indoor Session + Outdoor Practical) – 3hrs
Date: Saturday, 25th September 2010
Time: 9.00am
Venue: Hortpark (Alexandra Road)

Seminar Content:
a) Overview of basic photography fundamentals & tools.
b) Workflow to Landscape & Travel Photography
c) Planning stages and pre-shoot Visualisation & Conceptualisation

d) Group Planning discussions and presentation I
- Composition,
- Focal lengths & Field of view
- Depth of field
- Exposure and Subject brightness range

e) Team practical session I
- Getting the shot
- Compensation techniques
- Landscape photography techniques & consideration
- The full time light meter

f) Presentation and discussion session I
- Image sharing and discussion
- Practical I Evaluation & image sharing
g) Group Planning discussions and presentation II

Part 2 – (Outdoor Practical) – 3hrs
Date: Saturday, 26th September 2010
Time: 9.00am
Venue: Outdoor (To be announced during session)

Seminar Content:
a) Team practical session II
- Thematic approach to Composition
- Getting the Composition right
- Practical outdoor shoot
- Studying the environment

Part 3 – Photo Share & Wrap-up combined for both seminar groups – 1.5hr
Date: Sunday, 03rd October 2010
Time: 2.00pm
Venue: City Central (To be announced during session)

Seminar Content:
a) Photo sharing & Photos evaluation
b) Seminar wrap-up

A PDF copy of the full detailed seminar time table will be provided upon course enrolment confirmation. This will include the timing and exact venues of the seminar.

Per Seminar Fees

Per Seminar Fees – $180 (Includes Seminar Materials + “Let’s Learn Photography” – by M Sulhan Juman – Book)
Special Discounted Fees – $150 for whom already purchased
the Lets Learn Photography book. (Proof-of-purchase required)

for bookings from now till 31st August 2010

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$225 for those Enrolling with Book pre-purchased
$255 for those Enrolling without Book pre-purchased


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