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LR Tips Let’s Get Messy: Grungy Textures, Brushes, and Vectors


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Sep 27, 2006
All this well-organized, time-managed, Pinterest-inspired talk of de-cluttering has kicked the rebel in me into high gear. Sometimes you just want to have an uneven, grungy, or rough edge to your design. I say, “Go for it!” Distress a background, splatter some virtual paint, rip your design apart, and get your grubby little hands all over it. C’mon, let’s get messy! This background looks like every Amazon box I’ve ripped open in my childlike anticipation of what’s inside (READ: inability to follow opening directions). This would be a great piece for moving announcement cards or maybe Amazon’s product return department. These Photoshop brushes make old and cracked look good! All the Oil of Olay won’t fix these blemishes, but why would you want to it to? These oil drop vectors look like India ink droplets to me. I almost expect to see Roger Rabbit come bounding onto my computer screen! These vector handprints will come in handy at Halloween. Or, you know, those Dexter-inspired birthday party invitations you’ve been dying to make. This collection of 100 raster textures have been ripped, crumpled, and shredded. If I still wrote my stories on paper, these would perfectly encompass the contents of my [...]


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