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Hi everyone,

I don't really know whether this is new or old stuff.
I read this at Steve's Digicam & I thought some of
u might b interested:

The US $155.95 LE-Adapter (lens adapter)
allows you to easily connect digital cameras,
camcorders, video cameras or SLR cameras
to the eyepiece of microscopes, spotting
scopes, telescopes, binocular or monocular
optics. Fact is you can couple your camera
to just about any optical device or eyepiece
with a diameter between
1/2 and 1-5/8 inches. 3/11/02 update:

There is now a 2Plus LE-Adapter
<http://www.lensadapter.com/products/2plus-le-adapter. htm> which accepts a range of
eyepieces diameters between 35mm (1 3/8”)
to 60mm (2 5/16”).

The main requirement for using the LE-Adapter
is that your camera has lens threads and a zoom lens
with at least a 115mm (35mm equivalent) focal
length to avoid vignetting. The LE-Adapter has
52mm threads and comes with a 52-37mm
stepdown ring.

My question is how does this fit onto my Canon G2 ??
Would it b better than buying a teleconverter lens ??
Anyone ??



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