Leica M Mount to EOS Adapter


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Mar 18, 2009
Hi all,

Just wanted to check if anyone has any idea whether an adapter is available readily locally for me to use, let's say a Voigt 50 f1.1 on my Canon 7D, or a Leica 35mm f1.4?

I've tried searching the forums with no luck. I googled but information seems to be mixed. Some say impossible due to the way the M lenses are designed yet I see adapters available from Ebay which apparently allows one to use an M lens on an EOS Body.

Any and all advise / experience is much appreciated.

Thank you!

Jan 14, 2011
I won't suggest you to do that even if there is such a adapter.

If you are mounting a lens with a shorter lens Flange than the camera mount intended lens Flange, you will need something like a correction lens or your focusing will have an issue like the lens being mounted on a extension tube and only able to shoot very close up. (Infinite focus will be lost.)

If you use a correction lens, image quality will degrade quite badly. (Please ignore those commercial adapter with correction lens like made in japan or Hoya correction lens etc, it doesn't really helps much.)

Certain lens like Leica R can be mounted as the lens Flange is longer than EF mount.

Flange focal distance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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Feb 11, 2007
Only the Leica R ( SLR ) lenses can be cross adapted to Canon bodies with an adapter with no optical element within.
( Even then, some of the R lenses may not be suitable if they have excessive rear protruding elements )

Leica M lenses ( rangefinder ) - There will be no focus to infinity, and if it is anything useful, it might be a macro affair with very short focusing distance.
Focus to infinity if you managed to do really serious machining to remove the mirror / permanently lock it up and bring the Leica M lens into the body so as to be nearer the sensor...


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Mar 18, 2009
hi all,

thank you very much indeed for all the responses. appreciate it!

guess i will be holding off the M lenses until such time i decide to invest in mirrorless systems like the XPro1 or Nex5!


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Jun 18, 2009
yup my past experience after talking to Chiffcameras is that it is not possible to use M mount lens on EOS bodies.

Jan 12, 2011
Some early M-lens such as v1 M90 summicron, v1 M90/2.8, and M135 Hektor/Elmar can have their lens heads removed to be used on the visoflex system (with appropriate adapters). Such lenses can all be used on EOS cameras to achieve full focusing (1m to infinity).



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Mar 5, 2005
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After using both Canon EOS system since 1995 and Leica system since 2004, the conclusion is the 2 system is NOT Compatible at all.
Simply because of Leica-M flange is alot shorter than EOS flange.
FYI: Flange = distance between the focal-plane (now means CCD) and the lens mount.
Just as Canon system can use Nikon lens (pure optically) with just some mechanical mod, but not the other way round.
Some smart-alex may tell you there are some kind of adapters: which literally means additional optical elements in adapter, ultimate deteriorates the final image you get ontop of being unreasonably expensive and out of original lens spec giving rise to more other sort of optical distortions.
So judge for yourself

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