Leafy leaves...

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I was strolling along the pavements ard my neighbourhood and I could not find anything interesting to shoot. So I decided to shoot leaves (green), as there are so many "save gia" thingy gg on.

I realised that the bar isnt vertically straight. Is the pcture abit underexposed?

Taken at F3.4 ISO 200.

PLease give me some invaluable comments so that I can improve. Thanks.



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Feb 4, 2007
maybe u can crop away slightly more on the bottom, coz no nid to see so much of the "blur pole" on the bottom

color wise , i tink its not bad

just my humble opinions

I like the shot. However, as Del_CtrlnoAlt points out, you probably should have framed the pole a little more to the right. This is also true because you have cropped one of the leaves' tip off. The colours are spot on and the focus is great too. Perhaps a little more aperture to really bring out that bokeh would have been nice, but overall great catch! :)

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