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Sep 27, 2006
Erica Gamet

Are you ready for the best tennis match of the year? I'm not talking about the US Open or even Wimbledon. Prepare your eyeballs for the return of Layer Tennis! This friendly competition between two creatives—animators, artists, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers—happens in real-time and even has play-by-play commentary. The competitors volley a file back and forth, each adding to the piece during their 15-minute turn. After 10 volleys, the match is over and a winner is decided on social media.

It's always interesting to see how a piece will progress and what each competitor will add to (or destroy in) the file. The ongoing commentary is just as engaging, with healthy doses of pop culture references and humor only creatives could love.

Season 4 of the only designer spectator sport that I'm aware of starts up Friday, September 12th, with two exhibition matches already having been played. The season lasts for 8 weeks, culminating with a Championship Tournament. You can check out the archives from past seasons to get a feel for what Layer Tennis is all about and, if this is the sport you were born to play, you can sign up for the upcoming season.

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