law enforcement - peter parkour?

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Nov 13, 2006
Singapore, western area
i was wondering after spending quite some time enjoying the videos of parkour on youtube.

this made me recall sometime back the SPF changed their SOC to a more urbanised one..having staircase, barriers and punchig-bag like obstacles to simulate human crowd.

then watching parkour moves, should the police be trained on the basics of parkour moves?

can parkour be of any use to help them chase thieves on foot? I thought parkour requires great demand of physical stamina, and it will also improve the SPF members' stamina.

on a serious note, is this possible? we also got to include the standard attire of the police officer, that it might be a hinder to jump and turn perhaps (i've not tried it on nor wear their shoes before)

what are your thoughts? :think::think:

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