LATEST!!! Minolta's SD-CF1 CompactFlash Card Adapter

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This is from the Minolta USA site..


The new Minolta SD-CF1 CompactFlash Adapter enables SD (Secure Digital) Memory Cards to be used with most CompactFlash compatible cameras, printers, PDAs or other imaging equipment. Use of an SD Memory Card with the SD-CF1 adapter permits transfer rates of up to 30% faster* then CompactFlash cards alone.
In addition, by combining the new Minolta SD-CF1 adapter with PCMCIA Type I CF type PC card adapters, SD Memory Cards can be used with laptop computers. With unmatched compatibility, SD Memory Cards can now be used to transfer data between three different kinds of card slots – SD Memory Card slots, CompactFlash slots, and PC card slots (PC card slot requires the Minolta CompactFlash Card Adapter CA-1C).

The SD-CF1 adapter also allows SD Memory Cards used with the Minolta DiMAGE X and F series cameras to be used in the Minolta DiMAGE 7 and S series cameras (which use CompactFlash type I). For example, the same SD Memory Card can be used for both the Minolta DiMAGE Xi and Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi, enabling digital camera users to unify their recording media. By allowing users to take advantage of both CompactFlash type I and type II slots, the Minolta SD-CF1 adapter provides the ultimate in flexibility.

As a further benefit, images recorded by SD Memory Card compatible digital cameras can be downloaded into CompactFlash compatible PDAs. Likewise, images shot on SD Memory Card compatible digital cameras can be printed directly from CompactFlash compatible printers without being attached to a computer.

*Results are based on Minolta’s standard testing methods.

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