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Last few questions on deciding to buy S1

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Feb 29, 2004
hi guys

I have more or less (80%) decided on buying S1-IS as my second digital camera purchase (my current one is a nikon coolpix 800). But there are still some questions which i could like to hear comments about the camera and re-affirm my decision.

1. Is the lens used in S1 made of plastic? If yes, how is it compared to those made of glass e.g. olyumpus 750 (another high-zoom). Does it affect picture quality? How impt is it to be made of glass?

2. S1-IS has a playback histogram while I am actually preferred a realtime/record histogram. Should i be obessed with this feature?

3. S1 does not support horse-shoe external flash but i read somewhere in this forum that an external flash can still be attached e.g. vitiar 200. If it can be done, how does it work?

4.For the movie-recording, is there a limit to the duration of the movie which can be captured? Is it some setting in the camera or it all depends on the capacity of the storage card i have?

really appreciate to hear from S1 users or anyone who could enlighten me on the above questions and then I could be more assured when purchasing my S1 in the very near future.


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