Large format photography fireworks shoot on 30th July


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Jul 7, 2002
I plan to so some LF photography on this year's fireworks to see if it works out. This is a joint outing with another passionate LF user, Wootsk. The details are as follows...

Location of shoot: Benjamin Shears Bridge
Meeting place: Promenade MRT station near the 7-11 store
Meeting time: 6pm

MF, RF or other users are welcome. Any other details, can PM me. :)

1. sweat100 (Patrick)
2. WootSK (SK)

Jul 30, 2011
Read this thread too late - but also a fellow amateur photographer interested in LF. Please let me know if you guys get together again for any LF photography - have my own and very keen to do it here in Singapore having been away for 15 years and done most of my LF photography in the UK, I was quite shocked to discover that the only LF developer Fotohub had sold its machine and that there is now no longer any facility to develop LF negatives/transparencies locally. Was thinking perhaps to organise something for the up-coming Hari Raya Pusa at the end of the August but dont know where is a good place to go? Any ideas, including about meeting up as a group with other LF enthuaist? Paul

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