Ladakh - The Living Heritage

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Jan 17, 2002
Ladakh - The Living Heritage

by Sat-Paul Sahni

Wednesday 15 January 2003, 7pm-9pm
Asian Civilisations Museum, Armenian Street
39 Armenian Street
Free Admission

No registration required. Limited seats.

About the Talk

Behind the folds of Himalaya lies Ladakh, the only region in India practicing Lamaistic Buddhism. Closed to the world for more than a century and a half, Ladakh was opened to tourism only in 1974. Its monasteries play an important role in its rich and colourful culture. The talk is illustrated by a slide presentation. Part one takes you to Ladakh as a tourist, from Kashmir to Leh through Kargil. You will see glimpses of Ladakh's landscapes, places and people. The second part of the presentation shows Ladakh's monasteries and their artefacts, statues, paintings and many more.

About the Speaker

With more than 50 years of journalism experience, Sat-Paul Sahni had worked for the world's most prestigious media organisations such as BBC, Reuters News Agency, National Geographic and New York Times. Sahni was also a war correspondent who had covered all the four wars of Independent India. Most of the states and regions of the Indian Union that Sahni has been to are captured on film and photos. Based on his extensive knowledge and experience, Sahni has gone on several lecture tours to Europe and held many photographic exhibitions within and outside India.


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Jan 30, 2002
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Thanks for the info!

Might be going there for a week or two in june if I can get time off. Just wondering how 'civilised' it is and whether practical to use digital cam and battery charger there.

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