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Nov 17, 2016
Hello all!

Looking for an event photographer for a company dinner & dance on the night of 06 Dec 2019

Day, date: Friday, 06 Dec 2019
Time: 6.30pm - 10.30pm

Shooter must be proficient in shooting dinner & dance photography, good at capturing different angles and making use of surrounding, not just point and shoot. No blurry shots or overexposed or underexposed shots for deliverable. Able to shoot in low light conditions

- Pre-dinner cocktail interaction, registration
- Group Shots/Awards Presentation if any
- Interactions during dinner
- Stage performance
- Stage activities
- Final Group Shot if any
- Event collateral like banners posters etc if any

Needs to possess own equipment(s)

Shooter needs to own his own DSLR/Mirror-less and relevant equipment/accessory such as flash or filter etc to ensure shots are sharp and well exposed.
(Please state equipment in message as well as portfolio if any, event related thanks)

Non-edited full res JPEG on the night of event via google drive.

If quality is good, there will be many future jobs as we collaborate with different photographers for events/weddings on a regular basis and am looking for a permanent, reliable one to recommend jobs to.

Prefer a good and honest photographer to work with for long term.

Payment $60 per hour, no editing required

Payment will be after the shoot when passing of the JPEGs

Please drop me a pm if interested and i will confirm the applicant asap
- Name & contact number
- Link to your portfolio (important)
- The gears you will be using (important)
- Years of photography experience


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Sep 18, 2018
still available?