Koi and water movement

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In this picture... there's only the water, fish tail and a drop of fish food.... Irony that the fish will swim away from the food. :)
It's abstract in that sense.... and also coz of the lovely movement of the waters....

This is blur but looks abstracty... You can see the movement of the fish and the water... And i love the shadow at the top left hand corner... looks like a shark! hehe

Blur again... but looks abstract :) It's weird that you cannot see the eyes of the koi in the ower right hand corner.


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Jan 17, 2002
1st and 2nd nice. :)

if u want to take pic of fish... better use the cir.polarizer filter to cast out the water reflection so u can see the fish clearer.

then use high iso, but not too high, i prefer use iso 400 so my shutter speed can go to 1/125s. Take pict without flash.


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