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[KNOWLEDGE BOWL] - FLASHLIGHT Photography Course - Be in Control of your flash

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KNOWLEDGE BOWL School of Photography

"Learn using flash indoor and on location outdoor shoot"

This course shall equip you with the right skill set in flash photography techniques and enable you to have good control and confidence using the flash light. The skills you acquired can be applied in your usual daily lives, family gatherings as well as events or functions.

Besides teaching on-camera flash photography, this course also teaches you the use of various external flash units, for on location outdoor shooting session with the model.

The instructors will teach you the various methods to set up the various flash lights, use of gadgets such as softbox, snoot, umbrella etc which are designed for flash units to create visually powerful images which can be originally be achieved using flash strobe units.

Course Fee:

S$280 model fee
Instructor: Edward Cheong
Location: 190 Middle Road #04-28 Fortune Centre Singapore 188979

In case if you missed any class, you can make up in the next batch.

You can make payment by cash, NETS or cheque preferably one week prior to the course commencement date to facilitate our administration.

Sandven Group
190 Middle Road,
#04- 28 Fortune Centre,
Singapore 188979

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday 12pm to 9pm

Please feel free to email us for enquiries admin@sandvengroup.com

We look forward to your confirmation and support.


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