[KNOWLEDGE BOWL] - ACDSee Pro7 Workshop - Enhancement made easy

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ACDSee Pro 7 Workshop

Small class size, maximum of 8 students. You can get individual attention and have lot of fun.

After shooting loads of images, you may like to have a good and reliable software to manage your images, sort them out, select the better ones, do some enhancement to make them look better, prepare them with personalised borders for FaceBook upload, or even some creative effects that are complicated to be done on some software.

ACDSee Pro 7 promises to deliver all of the above functions and more. With an easy to use interface, it is not hard to learn to be a good "image touchup" photographer with guidance in this workshop.

It will take us about 2 hours to condition you to effectively use the software, and after that, you shall enjoy the world of photo imaging touchup.

Course Fee: S$50, 1 session

Gear to Bring
- Laptop with ACDSee Pro 7 installed, either you purchase or install trial from www.acdsee.com
- Mouse


Steven Yee

190 Middle Road #04-28 Fortune Centre Singapore 188979

If you are keen to join the course, you can email to Steven at admin@sandvengroup.com with your name and contact number to register.


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